Making an Acupuncture Appointment

Your First Step toward Radiant Health

Acupuncture AppointmentLorraine H. Harris, licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, is dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive acupuncture treatments available in Oriental medicine. Her training encompasses the full scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, training in Japanese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, energy work, Asian massage and Eastern nutritional counseling.

All sessions are private, completely confidential, highly individualized to your needs in a very comfortable and relaxing environment.

Your First Acupuncture Treatment
Your first session includes a thorough examination and evaluation, diagnosis, explanation of findings and, for your convenience, a 30-50 minute acupuncture treatment is also provided.

Any consultations regarding herbal, dietary or life-style recommendations may be covered in this session.

Subsequent Treatments
Subsequent sessions may vary in frequency and length (30 or 60 minutes) depending on the results of the evaluation. This will be discussed in the first session.

During these sessions consultations for herbal therapy, lifestyle changes and food recommendations may also be provided.

Specialized Treatment Sessions
There are also other specialized treatment sessions that vary in length and cost. They include The Fertile Soul Method for fertility, Mei Zen Cosmetic Program (facial renewal), Women’s Wellbeing Program (hormonal balance, menopause, weight loss, fertility, gynecological/menstrual disorders), other adjunct services such as hot stone therapy, facials and detox program, and food therapy.

Set up an Acupuncture Appointment
To set up an appointment or free telephone consultation, please call 828-407-9169 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm.