My Teachers

Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey Yuen comes from two Daoist lineages – 88th generation of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai (Jade Purity School, Yellow Emperor/Lao Tzu Sect) and 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai (Complete Reality School, Dragon Gate Sect).

Mr. Yuen trained under his adopted grandfather, the late Daoist Master Yu Wen (1872-1981) of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai, a sect from the Shang Qing tradition of Daoism that developed during the later Han Dynasty (3rd Cent. CE). Master Yu Wen trained in Mt. Hua and learned all the facets of Daoism, including the classics; rites and liturgies; healing arts; and divination. He later traveled extensively throughout China and served as the lineage holder of the Daoist martial arts system know as Wu Xing Quan/Five Element Fist – an internal and monastic style of Hua Shan. Having a strong resonance with Daoist teachings ever since childhood, Mr. Yuen studied extensively under Master Yu Wen and was allowed to openly practice and serve the community when he was 16 years old.

Lorraine H. Harris’s post-graduate studies include instruction from Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest of the Jade Purity School, Lao Tsu sect. Yuen is internationally recognized for his comprehensive knowledge of classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbalism, and qi gong. Her training under Jeffrey Yuen has led her to highly effective treatments for fertility, emotional disharmonies, stress, anxiety, and menstrual disorders.

Randine Lewis

Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure, has become the leading expert in treating infertility conditions naturally. Her powerful Eastern program combined with her vast knowledge of Western reproductive medicine has helped many thousands of woman throughout the world, get back their fertility, their hope, and their lives. Dr. Lewis began her studies in Western medicine, and after suffering through her own fertility challenges, overcame them with Chinese medicine. After finishing her medical studies in China, she earned a doctorate in Alternative Medicine, the basis of the program she now offers through The Fertile Soul.