What to Expect From Your Acupuncture Treatment

Ms. Harris will begin by taking a complete health history. She will then do a comprehensive intake and exam, which will consist of asking numerous questions about your general health and primary complaint. Her physical exam includes a detailed examination and analysis of the pulse and tongue, as well as abdominal palpation and facial diagnosis. When Ms. Harris has arrived at a working diagnosis, the needles will be inserted. Ten to 20 needles may be inserted, although most times fewer are used, depending on the condition.

Once all the needles are placed.  Ms. Harris will discuss with you her findings and explain how the treatment will work.  You may be left then to relax in the treatment room for 15-20 minutes.  After the acupuncture treatment is over, Chinese herbal medicines may be prescribed if needed and recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes may be made.

Patients report a variety of reactions immediately after treatments including symptom relief, deep relaxation, a “shift taking place,” and internal stirring.  Ms. Harris strives to make the acupuncture experience as comfortable and effective as possible.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Most health problems take more than one treatment to resolve, especially if the condition is chronic. Some conditions are treated with one session while others may take 4-5 treatments before significant changes are observed.  Your diet, lifestyle, attitude and determination will affect the number of treatments needed. For this reason, Ms. Harris encourages all her patients to actively participate in their healing process.