Acupuncture’s Reputation as a Viable Treatment for Pain

The recent flurry of news reports questioning the safety of popular pain-killers such as Bextra, Vioxx, Celebrex and Aleve comes on the heels of some exciting information about the use of acupuncture in relieving arthritis pain. In December, the Annals of Internal Medicine published the results of a landmark study in which researchers concluded that acupuncture not only provides pain relief but also improves function in people with osteoarthritis of the knee.  The study, the largest and longest of its kind ever conducted, concluded that acupuncture serves as an effective complement to conventional medical care.

Other studies lend support to these findings, and some even suggest acupuncture as a viable alternative to pain medications. An Italian study published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine found that women suffering from migraines who opted for acupuncture instead of conventional drug therapy experienced more significant improvement in their symptoms.

With evidence mounting about the long-term side effects of some widely-used pain killers, acupuncture offers a safe, natural, and time-honored alternative that merits consideration by anyone seeking pain relief