Alternative Medicine

An alternative medicine means that it is a system within itself and complete. For the most part one can use the alternative medical system for almost all their healthcare needs. A complementary modality works in conjunction with another medicine.

Examples of alternative medical systems are allopathic (Western) medicine, Chinese (Oriental) medicine and ayurvedic medicine. Examples of complementary modalities would be chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, energetic healing, etc. However, the conotations of these terms, complementary medicine and alternative medicine, are different. Anything other than allopathic medicine has been classified as an alternative medicine. As a result, Chinese medicine — a complete medical system, and therefore, an alternative medicine — is placed in a category with massage, bodywork, etc., which are modalities, not medical systems, and are not complete. By placing Chinese medicine in the same category as these modalities, the depth and breadth of this ancient medicine may go unrecognized.

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