The 5-minute cook?

Paleo Reset Diet Chris Kresser has great recipes as an adjunct to his book The Paleo Cure for doing the 30-day reset diet.  However, if it takes more than  5 minutes of MY time, I sometimes have a real hard time keeping up with whipping up the tasty meals.  And so, I thought I’d share … read more

NIX & PICKS – Shopping Tips

The purpose of this blog is to post tips on recommendations and things to avoid.  There are lots of resources for these things but my posts will be in response to conversations I have with my acupunture patients.  This could include good deals and very well will be time sensitive.  There could also be some … read more


Paleo Reset Diet First few days of the diet I was starving my brains out. I had cut out way too many carbs. I mean I had cut out both the carbs allowed and not allowed on the diet. I hadn’t yet adjusted to stocking the house with different types of carbs that I could … read more

Does the Reset cause upset?

Paleo Reset Diet One of the people in my Paleo Reset group has severe IBS and diverticulitis. She’s in a flare up stage in starting this diet. Anyone with gut inflammation is going to have to modify the diet. While the diet is so balanced for so many, some conditions require formulating something for the … read more

The Reset has begun!

It’s like the race is on.  A group of us are going to do the Paleo Reset Diet.  Interesting how we approach it differently.  Some just jumped in a started after reading only the beginning of the book The Paleo Cure.  Another read the whole book and is stocking her pantry and collecting recipes.  I’m … read more

Reset your diet… Reset your life

I don’t like diets. I don’t like to follow a diet for myself and I don’t like to put my patients on diets. Diets can be too fadish or too restrictive or not right for everyone. They annoy me. But I am having a change of heart. Not about diets in general but about a … read more

Dry Needling Caused a Collapsed Lung

This isn’t the first time that an unqualified practitioner has injured an athlete with an acupuncture needle.  Licensed acupuncturists are far less likely to cause such harm given the extensive training required.  However, many people believe a physical therapist to have better education and training and are willing to trust them to do dry needling … read more

The Diagnosis “Infertility” May not be Valid

As long as the anatomical structures are present, a medical diagnosis of “infertility” is often a fallacy. Many factors can cause a woman to have difficulty conceiving, but once these factors are overcome and a woman’s body is restored to health, conception can occur naturally.Our reproductive systems are made up of organs and hormones that … read more

Would Nixon’s Physician Warn Against Dry Needling, too?

Nixon’s Personal Physician Said Leave Acupuncture to the Professionals This is a piece put together by TCM Directory ( I knew the story but not all the facts. Thank you to TCM Directory for pulling up this bit of history… This warning was given more than 40 years ago by Dr. W. Kenneth Riland, the … read more

Gluten ISN’T the Problem!

We all have heard a great deal about avoiding or reducing gluten. Many of my acupuncture patients have benefited by following gluten-free or gluten-reduced diets. Wheat is the major culprit. Research and individuals find that there can be an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten or an allergy to wheat (these are not all the same … read more