Dry Needling Caused a Collapsed Lung

This isn’t the first time that an unqualified practitioner has injured an athlete with an acupuncture needle.  Licensed acupuncturists are far less likely to cause such harm given the extensive training required.  However, many people believe a physical therapist to have better education and training and are willing to trust them to do dry needling … read more

The Diagnosis “Infertility” May not be Valid

As long as the anatomical structures are present, a medical diagnosis of “infertility” is often a fallacy. Many factors can cause a woman to have difficulty conceiving, but once these factors are overcome and a woman’s body is restored to health, conception can occur naturally.Our reproductive systems are made up of organs and hormones that … read more

Would Nixon’s Physician Warn Against Dry Needling, too?

Nixon’s Personal Physician Said Leave Acupuncture to the Professionals This is a piece put together by TCM Directory (www.TCMDirectory.com). I knew the story but not all the facts. Thank you to TCM Directory for pulling up this bit of history… This warning was given more than 40 years ago by Dr. W. Kenneth Riland, the … read more

Gluten ISN’T the Problem!

We all have heard a great deal about avoiding or reducing gluten. Many of my acupuncture patients have benefited by following gluten-free or gluten-reduced diets. Wheat is the major culprit. Research and individuals find that there can be an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten or an allergy to wheat (these are not all the same … read more

Jazz up the endorphins and drop the pounds!

Are endorphins the magic pill to weight loss? Well they don’t come in a pill but they are magical and the best part is that the more fun you have the more THEY do the work for you. No, it does not necessarily involve exercise but exercise is essential and having FUN doing the exercise … read more

Running from the Sun… Not really, I want my endorphin fix!

I just recently wrote about the sun’s contribution to radiant (pun intended) health by providing us with Vitamin D.  Vitamin D has a large spectrum of benefits to our health but the sun can give us much more… I shared my euphoric feeling when soaking up the sun’s rays. What’s THAT about? Endorphins. (I’ll be … read more

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include Rejuvenation?

I have been providing a facial rejuvenation program for about 9 years now.  In the new year I always offer a special rate.  My program is very comprehensive and very effective.  I have details on my website. Just recently, a facial rejuvenation patient sent me this testimonial. I found the facial rejuvenation services provided by … read more

Do the Holidays Get you Down?

Many of my patients do express feeling a lot of stress during the holiday season and some feel downright depressed.  Many people don’t know that acupuncture has been shown in studies to help depression.  Of course, I know it from my patients but this article may be helpful those who have had doubts about using … read more

Dry Needling Trigger Points are Acupuncture Motor Points

I found more info about the training given to PTs and chiropractors on dry needling. Couldn’t believe it! The trigger points (we used the term “motor points”) are just what we used in our training of orthopedic/pain problems at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The needling technique used to create a “twitch response” is exactly … read more