Dry Needling Trigger Points are Acupuncture Motor Points

I found more info about the training given to PTs and chiropractors on dry needling. Couldn’t believe it! The trigger points (we used the term “motor points”) are just what we used in our training of orthopedic/pain problems at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. The needling technique used to create a “twitch response” is exactly what we were doing. The recommended text was the same text. This all seems to be Matt Callison’s work. He combined his training in sports medicine and Chinese medicine some 20 years ago and started teaching his method 18 years ago to acupuncturists. He has a certification program acupuncturists can get. I’ve specialized mostly in women’s health, fertility and anti-aging and so I never continued the studies to earn the certification. It looks to me that his method has been co-opted (in reduced form – there is so much more to know than just the trigger points and needling technique). I’ve attached Matt’s information.