Health Programs

Lorraine Harris offers you specialized programs to provide comprehensive care in specific areas of health.

Asheville and surrounding areas.

These specialized programs are designed to provide you with a a wide spectrum of approaches to meet your health needs.  The health programs being offered include Well Woman and TCM, Fertility Enhancement and Chinese Medicine, Pregnancy Support with Chinese Medicine, Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation with Chinese Medicine, Pain Management with Acupuncture.These comprehensive programs include ALL of the following:
Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Nutritional Counseling & Food Therapy, Health Assessments, and Cultivation Practices.

These sessions will have a different schedule and pricing than when utilizing specific services alone, such as opting to receive acupuncture only.  This scheduling and pricing will depend on your specific needs and will be explained at the time of your assessment session.  Details of the individual program will be discussed during your evaluation session because the program will be designed for you, specifically.