Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain with Chinese Medicine

The practitioner of Oriental medicine will base his/her diagnosis on observed imbalances noted in the patient that are contributing to the manifestation of pain. These imbalances will be caused by any one or combination of external, emotional or internal factors. External factors are an excess of wind, cold, heat, dryness, or dampness. Emotional factors also can cause pain. Internal factors will include poor diet, stress, overstrain or lack of physical exertion. Of course, trauma is also a cause.

The practitioner will then address the imbalances created by these factors by stimulating the appropriate acupuncture points. These points will reinstate a balance of qi and blood, yin and yang, thus decreasing pain as well as reducing the effects of the causes that created the pain in the first place.

In treating pain, practitioners of Oriental medicine often also include herbal therapy, moxibustion therapy, food therapy and massage. The number of treatments and the length of therapy that a patient may receive are based on many factors including the patient’s health, age, and personal contribution to the therapy. Other deciding factors include the severity and longevity of the pain and the patient’s response to therapy. The course of treatment will be determined during the first few acupuncture sessions.