Organic and Natural Skin Care

Mei Zen organic & natural skin care products are used with the cosmetic acupuncture treatments and is the line of skin care recommended to patients because of their quality, effectiveness and price. This is what Mei Zen says about its products…

At Mei Zen we use natural ingredients, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Organic Medicinal Herbs and Vegetable Oils to support the skin in Health, Beauty and Rejuvenation. Each ingredient in Mei Zen products is chosen especially for its healing and rejuvenating properties, essential in supporting health and allowing the skin to blossom.

Organic Medicinal Herbs

Plants were the first healers. Before we could make synthetic pills to “cure” all that ails us, we used plants to support our own healing abilities. Sometime in the last 100 years people have decided that the healing abilities of the human body were not good enough and that a pill that “masks” the problem, not heal the problem, is better.

The philosophy of Medicinal Herbs is not to treat the symptom, but to treat the problem. The reason why skin starts to wrinkle is that there is a lack of oil production in the sebaceous gland. There are Medicinal Herbs that will help start production of sebum. There are not any shots of poison to relax the muscle, just healthy skin that is able to work properly. It’s that simple.

Medicinal Herbs are the foundation of modern medicine. Modern science thought that if they made a pill that acts like a Medicinal Herb, that it would be better then the actual plant. I believe in the plant. The earth gives us all that we need, including the ability to heal. Medicinal remedies have been passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. Research has proved herbal healing and science has stolen the organic makeup to create pills that mirror the affect of Medicinal Herbs. Plants will help in the pursuit of healthy and beautiful skin.