Why I have chosen Mei Zen for Cosmetic Acupuncture

Personal Note about Cosmetic Acupuncture

I learned cosmetic acupuncture in my initial training in Oriental medicine and I wasn’t impressed by it. There were several reasons for this.  First, it didn’t seem to have a sound basis in the tradition of Chinese medicine.  Secondly, it didn’t have a scientific basis, either.  Thirdly, I didn’t like the idea of hooking people up to electricity to produce results.  And finally, it all seemed too superficial in its approach.

When I learned of the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture method, my whole outlook toward using Chinese medicine for facial rejuvenation changed.  Overall, the method is more consistent with my training in Oriental medicine.  It is also a gentle method, using a Japanese style of acupuncture and no electrical stimulation to the needles.  It is a very precise protocol and requires high-level training of needling techniques.  And its results have been proven to me by my own observations of those who have undergone the procedure.  The program is comprehensive and very informative to the patient.  What patients learn during the five weeks of treatments can empower them to take hold of their health personally, thus extending the benefits of the cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

This is an area of my practice that has brought a great deal of enjoyment to my patients and to me.  My typical patient for this procedure is looking for an uplifting of overall health, is motivated to make changes in his/her life, is between the ages of 35-65 and is wanting to learn how to slow down the aging process.  This is a person who definitely would like to look more youthful but is also wanting to FEEL more youthful, as well.

This is not a procedure that is appropriate for everyone, so I do a pre-qualification process over the phone.

For anyone interested in learning more about the Mei Zen method, you can call me at 828-407-9169.

Your path to radiant health.

Lorraine H. Harris, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., & MTOM
The only Mei Zen-trained cosmetic acupuncturist in
Western North Carolina.