Training Requirements of a Fertility Specialist

A specialty in fertility requires a high level of training.

A highly trained Fertility Specialist provides programs that promote health of body, mind, and spirit using Taoist, traditional Chinese, and modern therapies. These practices reconnect us with our natural roots, identify and gently correct physical imbalances, limiting beliefs and habits, and encourage the unobstructed flow of the life force through us. Specialized training in fertility makes this Asheville clinic particularly effective in achieving successful outcomes.

As a charter member of the Clinical Excellence in Fertility Programâ„¢ (CEFP), Lorraine has been part of a community of highly-skilled traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. This group of professionals excel in Chinese medical diagnosis and prescription of dietary and nutritional therapy, qi gong, meditation, reproductive massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine to support deep inner healing, enhance fertility and overcome reproductive and related dysfunction.

What is a fertility acupuncture specialist?

Treating infertility problems is complex and challenging and requires extensive training.
How to find a fertility specialist

Through continuing education, ongoing support from skilled practitioners throughout the world, retreat processes, and shared information, Lorraine has been able to keep abreast of the latest research and fertility-enhancing treatments incorporating acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Western reproductive medicine, and complementary body-mind-spirit therapies, and collaborate to resolve complex patient cases. Lorraine is commited to healing methods which make her particularly accomplished at assisting patients with the complex physical, mental, and emotional issues surrounding their reproductive health.