I have stopped running from the sun….

OK, I’ve been a sun worshiper all my life. I love its penetrating warmth and flooding morning light into my house. I don’t care that much about lying about in it but I love being out in it and sitting with my eyes closed and allowing it to penetrate through my eye lids. Ah! Euphoria!

Since I tan easily, most of my life I didn’t worry about its “evils.” But, I, too, became convinced that it can ruin your skin and cause skin cancer so I started slathering on the greasy suntan oil and covering up. YUK! But that’s good, no?

Oops! Like a good many of us, I found out that my Vitamin D levels were too low (NIH on Vit D levels). What to do? Since I do so much food therapy for my patients, I went there first. However, very few foods contain much Vitamin D (sources of Vit D) and those that rank high on the list don’t come anywhere close to what another source will provide… the sun. And, guess what? Vitamin D helps fight cancer. So if we are smart about sun exposure, we REDUCE our risk of skin cancer by soaking in a few rays.

But is that all? No. Watch for my next blog post.