Paleo Reset Diet

First few days of the diet I was starving my brains out. I had cut out way too many carbs. I mean I had cut out both the carbs allowed and not allowed on the diet. I hadn’t yet adjusted to stocking the house with different types of carbs that I could eat. I did notice, though, when I included those starchy carbs that we’re allowed (as mainly my dinner), things began to shift. Don’t know if that did it or my body started to adjust.

Over the last week, I also have changed my eating habits. I have more snacks. That may be evening out the blood sugar and reducing the body’s need to trick me into thinking I’m starving. I have also gotten more used to feeling some emptiness. It’s comfortable now. Before I would push to eat more than what satisfied me just cuz I was enjoying the act of eating. Now I feel the emphasis is more on nourishing myself. But who knows, all could be different next week.

Someone in my group also shared that when she gets around to preparing her meal she’s already so hungry she can’t wait for the meal to finish. It made me think of the usefulness of appetizers! Why not have some olives? Maybe a bit of salmon salad? Small turkey fennel (my contribution) meatballs? Handful of nuts? All this is on the diet. Nothing wrong with “spoiling” a little bit of appetite for the meal that’s being prepared with other nutritious foods. Her usual “go to” snack when STARVING was cheese. We’ll see if we have hit on some goodies to eat during meal prep. Hmmm… a deviled egg?

And then starvation hits at night for some people. Ah, that’s no good. Makes sleep difficult. This may be an indication of the dysregulation of the adrenals. Some modifications to the diet or eating habits may be needed. However, I wouldn’t jump too fast. If the diet has only been followed for a few days to a week, it may be the body needs time to adjust. Carbs at night before bed may help sleepiness but they’ll need to be the complex starchy ones. Maybe some added fat, too. Sweet potato and coconut milk???

And for lots of good ideas for meals and snacks, those of us who have Chris Kresser’s book The Paleo Cure can download recipes and meal ideas.  www.ChrisKresser.com/PPC.