NIX & PICKS – Shopping Tips

The purpose of this blog is to post tips on recommendations and things to avoid.  There are lots of resources for these things but my posts will be in response to conversations I have with my acupunture patients.  This could include good deals and very well will be time sensitive.  There could also be some good and bad ideas about shopping for certain things as well as good places to go to around town or on the internet for foods and supplies.  Mostly it probably will be food and diet related.  Keep checking in at the comments below for the latest tips.


  1. Coconut Cream & Milk (not oil)

    I’ve never been a fan of coconut. My favorite childhood candy was Snickers, not Almond Joy. Because of the health benefits of coconut oil, I have tried to find tasty ways to use the oil. Then I started cooking Indian and Thai dishes and using coconut milk made them wonderful. And so, I’ve been experimenting with uses of coconut milk and coconut cream. I’ve been learning lots about using this creamy, slightly sweet addition to meals and snacks.

    The NIX of Coconut Milk and Cream
    Be sure not to buy anything in a can that is not BPH-free. Native Forest is one such brand that is ok.

    Be sure you’re not sensitive to guar gum that is added to coconut milks. Native Forest claims they use very little but very little may be too much for some.

    The PICKS of Coconut Cream

    I decided to go for the coconut cream. It can always be watered down to a milk. I’ve been happy with the Native Forest but I’ve learned from one of our Paleo people in our group that there may be an even better way to go…

    I got it on Amazon! Aroy-D It’s 100% coconut cream. No guar gum and no BPH to worry about.

    Here is what I’ve noticed about the 100% coconut cream…

    Tastes good and ‘cleaner’ somehow.

    Shelf life is a few days after opening and refrigerating. Hence, one has to have plans to use whatever size container one opens. An alternative is to freeze it. Making into ice cubes could be handy.

    The contents of the container DOES separate! Container does not say to shake, but if you don’t there will be thinner product at the bottom. I discovered this by filling my ice cube trays. Had to dump in bowl and stir and refill. So I’d shake first.

    The resulting ice cubes look solid. Doesn’t really matter since one would use a whole ice cube at a time. May affect texture if texture mattered, depending on use.

    My 33.8 oz container was more than 2 trays of ice cubes. 3 trays would probably do it. Each cube is approx 2-3 oz depending on size of cubes(of course). 2 TBS = 1 oz.

    I found a recipe for coconut milk from cream. 2TBS cream to 3/4 c of water.

    Left over cc I’m going to make into kefir since shelf life is so short.

    Now that I have ice cubes I’ll thaw one at a time and be able to use in a few days for coffee.

    Separately, another person gave me a recipe for making coconut milk at home. Nothing added nor BPH there!