Reset your diet… Reset your life

I don’t like diets. I don’t like to follow a diet for myself and I don’t like to put my patients on diets. Diets can be too fadish or too restrictive or not right for everyone. They annoy me. But I am having a change of heart. Not about diets in general but about a couple of “diets” that follow more of my own principles about how to use foods therapeutically.

There were many things I learned about the GAPS diet. Lots of good principles and good info. Many people have had dramatic results from that diet. Much of what I took away from that diet was the importance of reestablishing a healthy gut. I’ve recommended it to patients with major health problems but somehow it didn’t really stick.

Then came the Paleo diet. Lots of principles once again I agree with. And a healthy gut is a major factor to achieving radiant — not just disease free — health. I resisted it, though. Concerned that it might be a fad, or too difficult for people to stick to. Meanwhile, I got introduced to Chris Kresser ( He’s a wonderful health resource. I like his philosphy and approach to achieving high level of health through nutrition. He is a major proponent of the Paleo diet. However, with the sprinkling in of his philosophical approaches to diet, I became more interested in the Paleo diet as I highly respect Chris and so I thought I should listen more carefully. Here are some principles I agree with.

Sometimes we need to remove things that are poisoning us in order to set on a course of good health.

Sometimes we need to do something dramatic to shock our bodies out of the poor habits our minds have forced them into.

Sometimes what works for one is not good for another.

Not all foods are good. For some certain foods act like a poison. However, with improved health we can turn that around.

A diet should have different phases depending on what the major issue is at present. It should have enough flexibility to change with the situation, as well as for the individual.

I just started reading Chris’s book The Paleo Cure. I have already “enlisted” several of my patients into the the Reset diet. I have enlisted myself, too. I would like to make this a wonderful experiment for us and hope to use this blog to share the experiences and information our group shares.

The Reset diet is severe but not too restrictive and it may only need to be followed for 30 days. I believe that resetting the body through this diet can reawaken our bodies to do what they know to do, and not follow what our heads have been telling them. In the process the inate wisdom of our beings will shine through and set us on a wondeful new course in life.