Running from the Sun… Not really, I want my endorphin fix!

I just recently wrote about the sun’s contribution to radiant (pun intended) health by providing us with Vitamin D.  Vitamin D has a large spectrum of benefits to our health but the sun can give us much more…

I shared my euphoric feeling when soaking up the sun’s rays. What’s THAT about? Endorphins. (I’ll be writing more about endorphins and weight loss, too).

Endorphins are those little “beings” in our body that make us feel good. They also have the effect of reducing pain. The sun stimulates endorphin production. But what if it’s a cloudy, rainy day or a snowy, winter day? How do I get my endorphin “fix?” ACUPUNCTURE.

Ha! You’re probably not surprised that I, a licensed acupuncturist, might turn all this around to Chinese Medicine. But it is true. Studies have proven that acupuncture has the same effect. (PMID 6107591). And so in the winter I insert needles into my patients and wrap them in a heated blanket and let them rest with soothing music. In fact, endorphins – and, therefore, acupuncture – help reduce post partum depression, too. Since I treat a great deal of infertility, for patients who become pregnant, I offer home acupuncture visits after the baby is born. But back to sunlight…

Have I covered all that the sun can do for our health?

Watch for my next post.