AcuMobile – Asheville, North Carolina

AcuMobile for house calls.

We do house calls!

House calls with AcuMobileAcuMobile-Asheville offers professional, reliable, and skilled acupuncture care provided by licensed acupuncturist, Lorraine H. Harris. This is an Asheville community service for those who are housebound, bed-ridden, too sick to leave the house or just want the convenience of relaxing with acupuncture in their own home. There is no extra charge for this service.

Acupuncture treatments are offered in a choice of settings (in the ChiMedicineWorks clinic, in your home or at your office) based on your needs. With AcuMobile-Asheville you may choose a community treatment or private treatment in your home or place of business. There are also special group rates.

How to schedule an appointment and prepare for your acupuncture treatment.

  1. Call 828-407-9169 to have the intake forms sent to you and make an appointment. Acupuncture appointments need to be made 24 hours in advance.
  2. Fill out the forms and keep them ready for your appointed time.
  3. Be at your location at the appointed time and prepare for your acupuncture session in the following ways:
    • Remove distractions.  This is a time for focus on your health and relaxation.  It is best for both you and the acupuncturist if the room is quiet and no pets, children, TVs, etc.
    • Eat lightly.  It is best that you not be hungry or have eaten a heavy meal right before your acupuncture session.
    • Wear loose clothing so your acupuncturist has access to areas from feet up to the knee, hands up to the elbow, the abdomen and back.
    • Have a treatment area ready – a couch or your favorite recliner where you would like your acupuncture treatment.  The acupuncturist may bring a CD player for music or meditation.
    • Have payment (cash or check) ready BEFORE acupuncture session starts.

Acupuncture treatments are 50 minutes and start within 5 minutes of arrival.  If treatment is delayed for any reason (other than due to late arrival by the acupuncturist), the session will still end as though there were no delays in start time.  There will be others scheduled after your appointment.  This ensures that those sessions can start on time.

Areas served include Asheville, Arden and Fletcher that are within a 30 minute radius of
ChiMedicineWorks, Asheville location.

There will be a full charge for any appointment not cancelled with a 24 hour or more notice before the appointed time.  No discounts will be applied.

Call for group pricing 828-407-9169.