What is a Fertility Acupuncture Specialist?

This is someone with additional training in gynecology and fertility in Chinese medicine with additional training in the western reproductive technologies.

This is someone who is going to understand, for instance, your IVF procedure and how to integrate Chinese medical techniques in with the IVF process to increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

This is someone who is going to understand the medications you are on and how to administer Chinese herbal formulas to either enhance the effectiveness of the medications or minimize their side effects.

This is someone who can help you understand your lab reports and diagnostic procedures.

This is someone who can guide you and your partner in receiving a full fertility workup.

This is someone who is trained as a practitioner of oriental medicine so as to be able to offer you a full spectrum of services with special knowledge in techniques to enhance your reproductive health and overcome your challenges in falling pregnant.

When looking for a fertility specialist, ask about his/her specialized training and experience.  Treating infertility problems is complex and challenging and requires extensive training.