10 Reasons to Use Chinese Medicine

  1. It is an established, legitimate medicine.  It has a 3,000-year history of development and use and is the most widely used medical system in the world today.
  2. It is the fastest growing method of healthcare in America.
  3. There are proven benefits.  More studies each day are published touting the efficacy and benefits of Chinese medicine.
  4. It can provide great value.  Chinese medicine is a cost effective method of treating disease and can be used to prevent disease.
  5. It is gentle and free of side effects.  Needles are only about 3 times the thickness of a human hair.
  6. It has the capability of getting at the root of problems rather than just bringing about symptom relief or supressing symptoms.
  7. It is naturally holistic.  The Chinese medical philosophy does not separate out the different aspects of a person – physical, mental, emotion, spiritual — but rather treats one as a whole being.
  8. It doesn’t just treat disease.  It provides a sense of wellness, strengthens immunity and reduces stress.
  9. Licensed practitioners are highly trained individuals.  They receive a high level of educational and practical training.
  10. It can complement Western medical healthcare.