Testimonials – Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Rejuvenation

Last year I was introduced to Lorraine by attending a seminar on Cosmetic Accupuncture. I was intrigued. I had also been considering plastic surgery. I consulted both a plastic surgeon and Lorraine concerning my issues with my need for “improvement”. I ultimately decided on Cosmetic Accupuncture. One of the main reasons was, I wanted a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. I have been thrilled with the results. My friends, and even my Dermatologist, have complimented me and asked “What are you doing? You look great”. The texture of my skin has changed, it has a bright healthy look and feel.

A great by-product of the Cosmetic Accupuncture is that Lorraine treats the whole body, not just the face. During my 5 week sessions we have had many discussions about foods, herbs and an organic skin treatment line of products that will continue to enhance the effects of the Accupuncture.

I couldn’t be happier!

Marianne S.

… During that treatment another article appeared in the local paper written by a columnist who had undergone Lorraine’s program of cosmetic acupuncture. I was interested and decided to give it a try.

As of this date I have had four treatments and already notice changes. My skin looks smoother, has better color, the texture is finer and the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth are definitely lessening. Best of all it does not hurt and there is no need for a three month seclusion while your scars heal as with other cosmetic procedures.

Lorraine has been so patient with me, answering all of my many questions and doing extra research for other ailments of family members. I am so happy I found her.

Christa M.

I noticed with the facial rejuvenation program that my face looked ‘brighter’, my eyes looked shinier, and my face looked ‘less challenged by stress and the elements’.

Lorraine is right: the changes I’ve seen make me feel better. I like the way my skin feels and the way it looks – on a good day! As soon as I stop following Lorraine’s medical advice, that familiar, ragged face appears in the mirror – reminding me that I’m as tired as I look. What a great barometer!

I’ve used Lorraine’s services for minor health issues in the past and was impressed with her technique. She presents herself and her skills with the professionalism of a standard ‘Western’ health care provider, with the exception of the ample amount of time she dedicates to each patient.

Tracy A.

After the end of my fourth cosmetic acupuncture session, my daughter was home for a visit (not having seen me for several months), and she was astounded at the difference in my face.

First, she asked if I had been resting/sleeping more. I hadn’t mentioned I was having acupuncture. She said that my face was smoother, pinker, and my wrinkles had disappeared. At this point I had only noticed a subtle difference, but then, I see myself every day.

After the sixth session, I really noticed a big difference. The wrinkles around my eyes were gone and that area seemed much tighter. I also noticed increased circulation in my face and better color without make up. A 39 year old man recently mistook me for being his same age. I am 47. Thank you, thank you!!!

Cindy K.

With the cosmetic facial acupuncture I definitely felt more energetic. No more of those afternoon slumps. The coloring of my face changed: it has become smoother, has a “glow” look, looks healthy. I really think that my lips have plumped up, too! There is a noticeable change in the lines in my face – the smile lines started filling in after only a few sessions.

I came to see Lorraine for the facial rejuvenation because I was feeling like I needed a lift. I am very pleased with the results. She has also informed about overall health of my body. My sister and friends noticed a glow, better coloring and clearing of my complexion. This has definitely been worth it.

Jennifer H