Testimonials – Wellbeing & Other Conditions

Lorraine has treated me for many problems: knees, shingles, sinuses, came to my house when I was in a wheelchair from a fall and needed treatment, working on foods and weight, allergies, diet, and stress, and encourages me to exercise.  When she was very concerned about my health she called my M.D. to discuss what was going on.

I am impressed with her schooling for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Also very important, she gives full attention to only one patient at a time.

Lorraine is a good listener, a good decision maker, and a good friend.

Lois G

My health is phenomenal.  Is sleep, I exercise, I don’t get sick, etc.  You changed my life!

Mark J.

My daughter is 2 years old and has had respiratory problems since she was born. We came to you not knowing what to expect and now our lifes are changed. For the treatment of asthma, if that is what her condition was developing into, Chinese Medicine is gentle, thorough and suited for each individual person. We cannot thank you enough for accepting her as a patient at such a young age and improving her quality of life so much. She has not had a flare up since we last saw you in August ’05.

Beth M.

My wife enjoyed her visit to you a few weeks ago. She said that she felt very comfortable with you, and she enjoyed the acupuncture. She is back to her healthy self, and we all are well. I thank you for your knowledge and wisdom, and I thank you for your gentle nature and kind heart. We will continue to come to you when we can and refer you to others as well. I hope that I may see you in the new year myself. Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful new year. Blessings,

Pat M.

It’s been a year now since I started acupuncture and herbal therapy. The primary reason I sought help was for relief of arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. I no longer take any medication for these ailments and have not for eleven of those twelve months. Just herbs. I am able to lead a very busy life. And I can sleep on my right hip again. Ah! some small pleasures are very big. But that’s just half the story. I was also having heart palpitations, which I no longer have. I had swollen ankles, which I also no longer have. And after having major surgery on my neck with plates put in my spine, Lorraine made a home visit and I was able to stop Vicodin in two days just using herbs.

I thank you from my heart for the wonderful improvements you have brought about in my quality of life.

Judy M.

Before accupuncture I had grown accustomed to living with mediocre health accompanied with pain and discomfort, but now my life is completely different. I came to Lorraine with a multitude of different, and to me, random problems. I had chronic heel pain, my hair seemed to be thinning for no reason, I had recurring painful headaches, excess weight, and digestive problems. I came to Lorraine thinking they were all separate and disconnected issues. But Lorraine showed me the root of my many discomforts, and educated me about the fascinating world of Chinese Herbs and Oriental Medicine. After only one treatment my problems were already starting to melt away. Now I’m living pain-free, I feel like I have an unbelievable amount of energy. I’m sleeping better, I’m in a better mood, and people are even telling me that I’m losing weight! Also, when I developed a head and chest cold at the turn of the seasons, Lorraine gave me herbs that took it away within only three days. Even if you don’t feel like you have “urgent” health concerns, accupuncture could take you from a mediocre state of health to, what I believe, is optimal living.

Natalie R.

I wanted to keep you updated on our daughter’s condition. I know we had planned on doing a few more Moxa treatments … but we have the herbs and are using them according to your directions. She is doing well right now! You’ll never know the difference you’ve made in our lives! Blessings,

B., B., and L..

Well, I have good news to report… Although my throat was super soar by 5:00pm last night, I am 90% better today. I woke up at about 12:30am – throat in terrible pain… and I took more of the white pills, gargled with salt water AND hydrogen peroxide, and tried to go back to bed. But I couldn’t….until almost 4:30am… (yeah, total bummer). But sometime around 2:00am it was as if a switch was turned off and my throat felt totally fine. I mean, almost 0 pain. It was so bizarre! So, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A very happy,

Martha A.

My family has a history of high cholesterol. My father, in fact, died from heart disease when I was young. My own cholesterol has been as high as 281, untreated. As a result, I have been taking Lipitor for about 6 years. Lipitor was successful at reducing my cholesterol to the 180-200 range, but it comes at a cost.

Lipitor affects the liver. While I have never had adverse physical ailments due to the drug, I nevertheless wanted to break free of its grip. My internal question became: What would years and years of Lipitor do to my liver?

Enter Lorraine Harris. After just two months of treatment (every other week), my cholesterol tested out at 220, the lowest it’s ever been off Lipitor. Now I’m staying off the drug while monitoring my cholesterol with my physician. Lorraine’s treatments include herbs and acupuncture. She’s given me a list of foods to eat and to avoid, but I admit I often stray.

Now my internal question is: How much lower can my cholesterol go if I pay more attention to my diet?

Mark B.

I had been feeling full, even hours after eating, and had heartburn one night. Lorraine gave me a raw herb formula and asked me to eat certain foods. She gave me ideas for making food changes, taking things a step at a time which gave me a chance to incorporate the new foods and herbs into my diet without it feeling like a project. She advises changes based on my lifestyle, and there is no pressure to do any of it. If I do what she suggests and feel better, we move on to assimilating more changes.

Clair W.

Having tried acupuncture with other practitioners, I was initially skeptical, but that quickly vanished the first time I worked with Lorraine. Not only did her knowledge and expertise impress me, but I also found her to be warm and genuinely caring. A rare practitioner in today’s “hurry-up” world, Lorraine always takes the time to listen to my concerns and feelings as we work together on my journey towards optimal health.

Alexandra T.

Just wanted to tell you that I was amazed at how much the puffiness around my ankles have gone down with just the one treatment. Yesterday they almost looked normal! And my back feels great too!

Linda E.

The acupuncture treatment was wonderful. My stomach problems seem to have eased up quite a bit. After the treatment, I’ve noticed that the tense block is no longer constant. I am also able to feel the tenseness coming on at a very early stage and by consciously taking better care of myself I am able to ease the tension. I’ve been more careful of what and when I eat, thanks to the advice that you gave me. I’ve also been remembering to breathe more deeply in order to work on my lungs. I appreciated the ease in which the treatment was done and I was far more relaxed than I realized at first. Also, you were able to answer all my little or big questions relating to my condition, which confimed my belief that the symptoms were interconnected. Thank you, Lorraine.

Julie L.

This was my first experience with acupuncture and to be truthful, I was very afraid of being needled. However, I was convinced that acupuncture would help alleviate some of the severe allergy symptoms I was experiencing. Not only did I not feel the needles, but also within minutes, my allergy symptoms completely disappeared!

Phyllis R.

For several months I had a cough and some trouble breathing. My doctor prescribed 5 medications for treating everything from allergies to bronchitis. Not only was I not feeling much relief, I didn’t like having to take so many medications. I asked Lorraine to prescribe herbs for my condition. Almost immediately I began to feel improvement. Within 3 months I was no longer taking any medications and I have no coughing or breathing problems. Because of their effectiveness, I’ve decided to continue taking herbs to treat other discomforts and to prevent any more respiratory problems.

Val H.

I went for acupuncture a day I had a cold. My throat burned, my nose was stuffy, my head ached and I couldn’t think clearly. Lorraine worked on each symptom in that session until each and every one was completely or almost gone. The following day I was completely symptom free. Deborah S.