The 5-minute cook?

Paleo Reset Diet

Chris Kresser has great recipes as an adjunct to his book The Paleo Cure for doing the 30-day reset diet.  However, if it takes more than  5 minutes of MY time, I sometimes have a real hard time keeping up with whipping up the tasty meals.  And so, I thought I’d share some ways to help save some time.


  1. I keep some ground turkey on hand. Throw it in the skillet with some olive oil and onions I chopped up (seconds) in my Ninja. After it browns (few minutes), I throw it on a bed of greens and add Bubbie’s fermented relish and Rejuvenate’s fermented ketchup. If I’m hungry I’ll add a purple sweet potato (not as sweet as others) that I cooked up earlier in the pressure cooker (10 minutes).

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