The Reset has begun!

It’s like the race is on.  A group of us are going to do the Paleo Reset Diet.  Interesting how we approach it differently.  Some just jumped in a started after reading only the beginning of the book The Paleo Cure.  Another read the whole book and is stocking her pantry and collecting recipes.  I’m stalling….

For a long time now, I’ve had a standing invitation with a dear friend to share a homemade brew her friend made for her.  We just haven’t been able to coordinate our schedules yet.  Since alcohol is on the “avoid” list for the Reset, I’m waiting to have our visit first.

Meanwhile, I’m “practicing” the diet.  I stick to it as much as possible but am eating things I still had on hand in the fridge.  Also, my new purchases are only including things on the diet.  While doing this, I’m observing what’s difficult for me.  For one, if I cut back too much on the carbs I am STARVING.  Also, I need to cut back on the fruit.  I’m actually piggish in that area.  Blood work indicated that I should address the fruit issue, too.  And so, I need to stock up on more of the starchy veggies, increase my protein and leave the fruit where it is.  Perhaps, that will create balance and I won’t be starving nor sacrificing my fruit.  We’ll see.  It’s the great experiment.